Vuelo parapente Extreme


Acrobatic paragliding flight Tenerife

Get the adrenaline rush with our Extreme Paragliding Tandem Flight

This tandem flight will blow your mind and make you scream! Discover the incredible manoeuvrers our wings can do and be ready to feel the adrenaline rush with our professional pilots.

In this tandem flight we´ll use the hot currents of air to gain height, then you´ll discover the acro monoeuvrers together with our instructors. You´re going to land with a huge smile on your face and wanting to do it all over again. This tandem flight might be only possible from September to June due to meteorological conditions.

If you´re looking for a more peaceful tandem flight, please check out our tandem flight from Izaña.

Cancelation policy:

The acro tandem flight is subject to the weather conditions.

If the weather doesn´t allow us to fly, we offer you the possibility to fly another day or have a refund.

If you want to cancel and request a refund, you have to do it 72h prior to your flight.

Vuelo parapente Extreme
  • Extreme paragliding flight
  • $ 140 €

    • Duration: Indefinida
    • Video and photos opcional 
    • Transportation: incluído
    • Meeting point: Tu Trébol Adeje

In Daydream you will fly with professional and experienced pilots. All our team has the required qualifications and insurances in order to offer you the best possible experience.


It´s mandatory for you to wear sports shoes, preferably hiking shoes. We also recommend you to wear long trousers, a jumper because it might be cold in the air and sunglasses so you can feel comfortable and enjoy a great experience.

Video and Photos

All our pilots have high-definition cameras and will be filming your flight. You can purchase this service on the day of the flight.


The flight includes the transport from the meeting point to the take off and back to the meeting point.


Here is a selection of photos of our passengers enjoying the Extreme paragliding flight, one of the best views of the skies of Tenerife. A photo is worth a thousand words, but the sensation of flying has to be lived to be told.

Your questions answered

how many people can fly at the same time?

Regarding the free flight tandem, 4 persons or even more can fly tandem with us at the same time because we have a big team of tandem pilots.

Regarding the paramotor tandem flight, for now, we only have one paramotor tandem, which means we can fly one person at the time.  The advantage of the paramotor tandem flight over the free flight with a tandem is that both the take off and the landing are from the same area, which will also be the meeting point. This means that you can bring along as many friends as you want. If some of them will want to fly also, they can do it after your tandem flight.

what is the best season for extreme paragliding?

We live in a paradise, the kingdom of the eternal spring and we are open all year round, every day of the week. Tenerife offers reliable flying conditions through all the year, which translates into similar quality flight conditions regardless of the season.


The powered flight is noisy due to the engine that provides the power to fly. Just as the paramotor tandem flight has lots of advantages over the free flight (easier take-off and landing, unlimited companions), the main disadvantage is the noise. Because of this, at Daydream, we have specialized soundproof equipment to minimize this noise as much as possible.
If the helmets are soundproof, how can I speak to my instructor?
That´s a good question! Our helmets, in addition of having a soundproof system, have a sophisticated communication system, where everything you say will be heard by the instructor, and vice versa, so we will have direct contact throughout the entire activity.

is there an age limit?

There´s legally no age limit for tandem flying with an instructor.

Regarding the minimum age for children to fly with us, we would want for the children to be able to speak and the desire to fly must come from them without having been imposed by the adults. It´s also important that the child understands the flight instructions.

Regarding the maximum age for a tandem flight, the most important is that you really want to fly. We adapt our flights to the different mobility issues that a body full of wisdom might present. Until now, our oldest passenger is 93 years old.

do i need prior experience in order to tandem paraglide?

This one is an easy one. You don´t. Just put your sunglasses on and enjoy the views from the best view point, from a tandem paraglider! Most of our passengers are also flying for their first time.

what clothes to wear?

Due to the fact that the take-off area is a rocky mountain area, it´s mandatory to wear sports shoes or hiking shoes.  On the other hand, although the sun is shining and it is hot on the coast, in the air it´s normally 10 degrees C cooler so we always recommend long trousers and a jumper or a jacket. Sunglasses are also recommended.

can i take pictures and videos during the activity?

All our tandem pilots have high-definition cameras correctly installed and insured and will be filming and taking photos of your flight. The use of any other electronic device is not allowed during the flight. All objects likely to fall during the flight are the responsibility of the pilot and the company and for this reason we only use devices that we are sure that have been correctly installed and insured.

Our cameras are installed so as not to disturb the movements of the tandem pilot in flight and are insured.

can a friend come along?

Of course, as long as we have available seats in our van. It is free of charge. If there´s no seat availability and he/she have their own car, they can come with us to the take-off.  Another option is to wait for you on the landing and see you land with the biggest smile ever. We´ll always recommend you the best option depending on the seats´ availability and the weather conditions.

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